Suggested Wholesale Buying Calendar

This is based on industry standards for seasonal and holiday buying. We do buy the holiday items early to ensure that we get delivery of what we want. We’ve found that if we wait until June for holiday items, many of the best items are already sold out as the larger companies do all of their buying in January.

January: Use January to take inventory of what you’ve got. Remerchandise and place orders to fill in gaps of top sellers. Anything you can reorder that is non-seasonal should be done now.

For market trips or new merchandise ordering, focus on:

  • Valentine’s Day – You’ll want a 1/15 ship date latest. Cancel date should be 1/20.
  • Spring Clothing and Merchandise – You’ll want to push those delivery dates out to begin in March.
  • Holiday purchases – Christmas Décor, Thanksgiving Décor, Halloween Décor. Take care of this in January while you are at market. Schedule Christmas items to arrive by 10/15 so you have them ready and priced for a floor set on 11/1.

March: Spring décor from your January purchases should start to arrive.

  • Begin to purchase other mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation and Teacher gifts. Schedule for appropriate delivery dates. Not too early but in plenty of time.
  • Summer Clothing and Merchandise orders should be placed and ship dates determined.

July: You should be clearing out of summer merchandise at this point and looking to fall. Use the July markets to order:

  • Fall/Winter Clothing, Jewelry and home décor
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas items if you have not.
  • Holiday gift items –home décor, jewelry, gifts for moms, dads, baby etc.

There should just be fill-in orders after the July markets or ordering. As needed depending on events or hot sellers. We typically don’t go to market after July. Orders are spaced out to arrive, and we reorder as needed. Buckle down until January.