At times, we come across situations or questions that are good topics for discussions or good tips to keep in mind. I keep a running list of these items and publish them randomly. Here are a few I’ve compiled recently!

1. Look for wholesalers with low opening $$ orders.
2. Look for wholesalers with low quantity requirements. You don’t want 12 of something. You want 4 at the most so you can sell it and move on. If it’s a hot seller you can always get more, but don’t overload on one thing. If the quantities are too high, move on.
3. Ask about freight charges. Some are horrendous and others are standard. Average rates vary from 14 to 22%. Anything higher will kill your margins.
4. Ask about specials. It’s a known fact that when show time comes around (January and July), most vendors will offer free freight or discounts at a certain order level.
5. Larger companies carry many many lines, and each of those lines has a specific order minimum. I rep for a company and I have 40 lines. Each line requires a minimum order for their company. I say this because if you order from a large wholesaler, you cannot combine orders from different lines to get to the minimum. They are line specific.
6. Books are huge right now. Motivational, coloring, activity. Consider carrying them in your booths and stores and for markets. Books are easy to order because the minimums are so low and you can buy 1 of a title or 12. One of my lines only requires you to spend $75 wholesale to get your book order in, and you get 50% off of the retail cost.