D-Zines and Letters features monograms, initials, states, and more. These solid cut-outs are perfect for the boutique or booth and the price point makes it an easy sale.

Some ideas for use:

  • Workshops: Allow customers to choose their design and demonstrate a painting technique or project using their choice.
  • Add burlap or ribbon as a hanger
  • Attach to pallet boards or wood signs to create wall art.
  • Sell as is!
  • Gather orders for custom initials and place a group order when you have enough to meet minimums. Customers will wait!
  • A family owned business and make all our products in Alabama – so USA made!
  • We typically ship within 48 hours of orders with the exception of custom designs such as 3 initial monograms.

Quantity Requirements are easily attainable for small boutiques. Contact them for more information and wholesale catalog access.


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