Live Inspired by Compendium – books and cards that offer inspirational and occasional messages.

Whether you are a gift store, clothing store, or general store, you should carry books. They are great gift-giving items and easy grabs for the quick add-on sale. Order them for specific holidays, special occasions and broad topics like thank you and congratulations. Covers sell books and these have beautiful and quality hard covers.

Book retailers offer 50% off of retail pricing on all titles, so markup is an easy 2x.

Top Titles:

  • ¬†Life Is Beautiful
  • Even More Than Yesterday
  • Because I Had A Teacher
  • Believe
  • Shine

Opening order: $100, ask about free shipping on every order.

Quantity Requirements: Quantity of 4 for each book title, Quantity of 6 for each card style

Shipping: Contact for rates – ask for free shipping promotions

To Order:


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