Required Paperwork for Purchasing Wholesale Items from Vendors

1. Resale Numbers: Resale numbers are issued by state governments. Typically, you apply for a number from your state’s tax agency, which issues you a resale license, permit or certificate bearing the number. Then, when you make purchases that aren’t subject to sales tax, you provide the merchant your license or certificate number. It’s important to understand that a resale number only entitles you to avoid sales tax for items that you will resell to customers.To get one,, google “how to get a resale number in (your state). You can do it online and it is free.

2. FEIN number: Even if you are a sole proprietor, most wholesalers will require an FEIN number for purchasing. You can get this online in minutes. Even if you don’t file as a business, you can still use an FEIN. For more info, google “how to get an FEIN number” and be sure to go to the IRS website.

You’ll need both of these in order to purchase¬†wholesale¬†items. Some companies will also require you to have a booth or physical location in order to purchase, and some will not.